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Beyond Blue end Kinross' unbeaten run

In B-Grade 4th-placed Barnies Beyond Blue produced one of their best performances of the season to topple the previously undefeated Kinross side 2 – 0 on Saturday.

Barnies came out strong and managed to afford a few strikes early but were unable to convert.

In response, Kinross re-arranged their midfield and made a series of attacking raids.

The opening goal came after a cross from Beyond Blue winger Adam Radburn, that bounced off a Kinross defender and through the arms of the keeper.

The team talk at half-time recognised the danger in the Kinross midfield and ensured that the Barnies mids took control.

“Extra attention in the midfield combined with one of the best defensive efforts of the season simply broke down the Kinross attack in the second half,” Matt Barr said.

“With ten minutes to go Aaron Slender was able to provide some more security with a well-finished goal off the back of a brilliant counterattack by Ben Parker.

A speculator from the re-start saw Kinross give Barnies a fright. A near perfect shot from the half-way kick off actually bounced off the crossbar into the arms of the Barnies keeper.

“Kinross gave it their all in attack for the next five minutes, pressing harder than they had all game, but the Barnstoneworth defence was an impenetrable wall, holding Kinross out for their first loss of the season.”


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