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Re-live the grand final win

The fight-back win by Barnstoneworth FC to beat Waratahs in the 2019 Orange A-Grade grand final only become more legendary every time they tell you about.

The best way to enjoy the game again is simply to watch the clip.

It turns out, the behind-the-scenes story of how the game's international television coverage nearly came unstuck can now be told. It seems that, due to a contractual misunderstanding the commentator hired by the club to call the match, didn't actually speak the required vernacular. The slip-up came to light very quickly during the game's first goal in the opening minutes..hence the sub-titles in opening minutes, as the opening goal was scored... A quick hunt around the ground for a volunteer turned up a few tourists who were willing to step in. And, as it turned out their weren't any more goals til quite late in the match, so it all worked out. You'll agree, the stand-in commentary team show a lot of potential.

Or if you'd prefer to scroll through some images from the game,you can do that as well.


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