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Barnstoneworth United Football Club - Orange was  formed by a group of football players (very loosely termed) in 1998. The Orange club was the brainchild of Chris Jacobs who organised the first meeting of the club at the Victoria Hotel in Orange in early 1998.

The laid back nature of the meeting over a few beers would set in stone the club philosophy over the ensuing years being that whoever was keen to play would get a run regardless of age or ability.

So in early April 1998, playing under the banner of the Ex-services Club, Barnies put a team on the field. We had skilled but ageing players, players who had never kicked a round ball before in their life and players who were just keen for a good time.


The first year we played in the Ex-services strip of long white sleeves and black shorts. It would not be until the next season until we started to feel like true Barnstoneworthians by wearing the Barnies strip of red and white stripes with oversized black shorts (except for Greg Warrick Capper Vinall)


1999 saw the club expand to field two teams being United and Athletic. A great rivalry formed between the two teams over the coming seasons.

Over the years, the number of players remained pretty consistent with the club generally fielding two or three teams in the Orange All Age Competition.

In 2005, Barnstoneworth joined the new Orange Over 35 competition (Much to the pleasure of the old fellas who were sick of chasing kids around the park). The club fielded 2 teams in the Over 35 competition (United and Denley Moor Academicals). In 2010, with numbers steadily growing, a third Over 35 team called Brighouse was created. You will have to watch the Ripping Yarn episode about Barnstoneworth to work out where the team names came from.

In 2011, the club fielded 5 teams for the very first time, with 4 teams playing in the Over 35 Division and the Barnstoneworth Youth and Development Squad (YADS) playing in the All Age B Division.

In 2012, Chris was at it again, with the birth of a Barnstoneworth United team in the Western Premier League 2nd Grade. Unfortunately, this team only lasted one season thanks to the collpase of the WPL.


2012 was also a big year for the club with Brighouse taking out the Over 35 premiership for the first time after losing the grand final in 2011.

Brighouse were able to repeat the performance and go back to back to back in 2013 and 2014.


In 2016, Barnstoneworth expanded fielding a total of 5 teams (The most in the clubs history), with a team in A Grade, B Grade and the 3 Over 35 teams. Brighouse, who had made the last 6 grand finals we unable to to take home the trophy.


The biggest news out of 2016, was the Premiership win by A Grade in a thrilling match.


Here's hoping for a great 20th season!! 

The original 1998 team list is as follows: 


Chris Jacobs *
Dionne Jacobs 
Ed Cato
Dan Kennedy
Aidan Sugden
Glenn Harpley
Gary James 
Paul Colebourn
Rod Lambert
Paul Crain
Jose Dioses (hose A)
Kenny Morrison
Greg Madafiglio
Greg Vinall
Craig Mills
Penny Mills

* Denotes still playing for BUFC

Founding Member - Barnstoneworth United Orange
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