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United scores solid win in A-Grade

Competition leaders Barnstoneworth United came out strongly in the latest round delivering a five-nil win against a determined Waratahs United side, currently sitting at the other end of the table.

Two goals from Will Cooney, were backed by goals from Lachie Peet, Matt Downey and Kynan Lane.

United were pleased to welcome back keeper Matt Delaney after an extended break, his effort rewarded with a clean sheet on the day.

Kynan was particularly happy to get off the mark as he was denied a goal earlier in the piece and told team mates he was happy to get off the team's 'nudey-run' list.

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Also in A-Grade, Barnstoneworth Saints got off to tough start, conceding two early goals in their match against Cowra Eagles.

“Saints improved as we gathered our heads,” manager Ash Honeysett said. “Our keeper Aaron made some really good stops.”

Saints battled strongly but finished 3-0 down.

Barnies FC opened the A-grade round with a Thursday night game against Ex-Services FC.

No one knows what happened, cause coach Rob didn’t send in the match report.


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