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Under-strength Rangers keep up form in B-Grade

At the top of the B-Grade table, Barnstoneworth Rangers started with the bare eleven in Saturday's game, the side still plagued with injuries for their match against Waratahs Wolfpack.

Tahs hit the lead with an early goal, spurring Rangers into action.

Rangers picked up their game with plenty of shots on goal before Tyler Mendham found the back of the net.

A big defensive effort from the Ranger’s backline of Pete Ringbauer and Cody Gardiner kept the strong attacking raids by Tahs at bay, bringing the half time margin to 1-1.

A second half kick-off speculator from Timmy Worboys just missed the crossbar and as Rangers lifted there were four more goals from Tyler Mendham, Fabien Leonard and Tim Worboys before the final whistle.

Manager Tori Worboys said the match was “one of our best games this season.”

“We have to keep that intensity and play that game, our game, every week,” Worboys said.

“We have a tough few weeks ahead so we need to keep it up.”


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