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Under 8s help-out as ball-boys for C-Grade

It was green and white stripes for players of all sizes on Saturday as members of the Barnies Raiders under-8s came along to join in the fun of the men's game.

Brighouse had the pleasure of having ball-boys from the Raiders under 8s where Billy ran the team on and also helped retrieve the balls with teammates Michael, Charlie and Zeke.

It's another sign of the latest new directions for the Barnstoneworth Orange club.

After more than twenty years of teams in the adult comp, this season the family club now has two teams inn the under-6s and two teams in under-8s.

Sidelines inquiries suggests parents are liking what they're seeing and are keen to start even more junior teams next year.

EXTRA HELP : The pace of play in Brighouse's game on Saturday was kept going with the help of four ball-boys (l. to r.) Charlie, Billy, Zeke and Michael. 


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