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Rangers bounce back after red-card set back

Barnstoneworth Rangers are keeping the pressure on the top of the table in B-Grade after a solid 6-3 win over Ex-Services Bobcats on Saturday. 

The opening minutes saw Rangers take plenty of shots at the goal and the sky, and found the net early, but Ex-services were keen to fire back and did. 

Rangers manager Tori Worboys said the side suffered a key set back as the first half drew to a close.

“With about 10 minutes before half time Rangers coped a controversial red card, “ Tori Worboys said. “We headed to the break with 10 men and a score we wanted to improve on.” 

“It was great to see Dylan Halls, Brad Fuda and Fabien Leonard grabbing 2 goals each.

“Ex-services pushed hard and kept us working, their goal keeper making some good saves, including a spot. They found the back of the net 2 more times due to some panicked goal mouth moments. 

“The boys knew the job had to be done and they did it. Grabbing the 6-3 win will help us stay close enough to the top spot and improve our goal difference more.”

CYMS Green’s  4-2 win over Ex-Services Bengals sees them at the top of the table in B-Grade.


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