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Penalty decides C-Grade club derby

In the other club derby of the round, club bonds were tested in an at times fiery clash between Barnstoneworth United and Denley Moor.

It took a penalty to decide the match, handing United a 1-0 win.

Denley dominated possession in the opening passages of play but were unable to finish in front of goal. United’s series of attacking runs were thwarted until a vigorous tackle in the box by Denley defender Chris Cameron on United midfielder Nick Mastregeli was judged a penalty. Marty Felice stepped up and gave the keeper no chance from the spot.

With a number of players from both sides sent to the blood-bin, the red mist took hold before club spirit returned to settle play.

United striker Glen Harpley’s best chance came when a shot skimmed off the cross bar. Denley kept the pressure on with a series of searching runs, but both keepers ended the game with clean sheets from open play.

The win leapfrogs United into 2nd place on the ladder, with Denley now back in 4th.

Waratah Wanders are in top spot on the C-Grade ladder after a 2-1 win over club-mates tahs over 35s.

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Unknown member
Jan 01, 1970

Nice article and a great game. 2 errors in the write-up though : it was Marty that I tackled in the box, and it was probably the most non " vigorous tackle " of the entire game!

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