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Late goal gives Beyond Blue win

In 4th place on the B-Grade table, Barnstoneworth Beyond Blue just held on this week, scoring a late goal to defeat Saints Stars 1-nil.

Saints controlled the game from the beginning due to a disappointing start from Barnies.

“We put pressure on ourselves at the start, there was zero communication and our passes were sloppy, not finding feet at all,” Barnies midfielder Joshua Forrest-White said.

“Eventually, we started to connect some passes and worked ourselves into the game.”

One positive came late in the first half, the long-awaited debutante, Paul Sentas, took to the field in the back line. Unable to play so far this season due to a torn achilles, Paul didn’t miss a beat, proving he was worth the wait.

Half time discussions focused on key areas to improve, including the distinct lack of talk and the unsettled passing. It proved effective, with the second half predominantly being played in the Barneys attacking half.

Despite the many chances, it wasn’t until there was barely ten minutes left that striker Chris Davis was able to dribble around two defenders before hitting the back of the net.

Neither side was able to change the score in the final ten minutes, leaving Barneys victorious. However, despite the win, the Barneys side felt there was room for improvement, especially with finals looming.

“We were pretty frustrated with our performance this week, we definitely have some work to do at training in the coming weeks if we want that trophy” conceded Forrest-White.

Beyond Blue host Ex-services Bobcats at 1.30pm On Saturday.


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