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Barnies C-Grade United bring home a draw from Cowra road trip

The run of away games for Barnies United in C Grade continued with the team taking the journey to Cowra to take on an ever-improving Eagles outfit.

It was the Eagles who hit the ground running, against the bare minimum 11 United players. Chris Jacobs returned from injury to play in goals however Jacobs was unable to stop Cowra opening the scoring early in the match. United Striker Glenn Harpley had the best chance in the first half hitting the crossbar following a delightful through ball from Nick Mastrangeli.

Andy Holmes arrived late in the first half to add a solitary substitute to the United line up and he had an immediate impact.

Early in the second half, Dave Sandercock produced a quality goal kick to find Holmes in space. With the defence closing in, Holmes fired from well outside the box with the force of the shot leaving the Cowra keeper no chance.

Cowra struck back soon after with a penalty following a three-way collision in the penalty area between Wes Miller, Wayne Stephens and the Cowra striker. Stephens came off second best and the Cowra striker had no problems converting from the dot.

It was Andy Holmes again late the second half who clawed the draw back for United following a well-directed free kick from Nigel Hobden that found Holmes unmarked at the back post.

2-2 the final result.


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