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Barnies Beyond Blue too good for Ex-Services

A hat-trick of goals from striker Chris Davis made all the difference as Barnies Beyond Blue took home a strong win over Ex-Services Bengals in their B-Grade clash on Saturday.

A goal each from Josh Horsley and Kaelan McCarthy rounded out the 5-0 victory.

Team manager Matt Barr was delighted by the team’s effort.

“The score speaks for itself,” Barr said. “It was a case of a team of mates playing for each other.”

“The side has established a string defensive unit, bolstered by newish recruit Mitch Fanning. “The hat-trick was a great result for Chris, but the 5-0 scoreline didn’t come from individual brilliance as much as five team-goals on the day.”

“Our new team name and the way we are playing, is about making a difference in the fight against depression. Together we are stronger!”


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