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B-Grade club derby yet to break deadlock

B grade hosted another Barnstoneworth derby this week with Rangers taking on Beyond Blue.

After a 1-all draw in their previous meeting, both teams were eager to secure the bragging rights. However, history was to repeat itself, another 1 all draw ensued on Sunday.

Rangers were on the attack early, earning multiple corners, but the Beyond Blue defence was steadfast, holding them out until they found their rhythm.

Rangers manager Tori Worboys felt that because the side was "back to a full strength side, we felt confident in a good match. We knew Beyond Blue Barnies would come at us strong and they didn't disappoint."

"Holding us out and shutting down our attacking advances, we slotted a goal away until it was deemed offside and we grew more hungry. Heading into the break at nil all, we had to step up."

Beyond Blue then managed to turn it around, earning multiple one on ones with the keeper off some quick counters, but Luke Bingham protected his goal until half time, leaving both teams scoreless at the break.

Beyond Blue came out where they left off, pressing early. But it was Rangers who snatched the first goal.

"Fabien Leonard found the back of the net with an assist from Brad Fuda," Worboys said.

But Beyond Blue weren’t ready to give up, they continued to attack with enthusiasm. Finally, it was Adam Radburn who lined up a perfect shot from 18 yards to the bottom right.

Both teams fought for the win in the remaining twenty minutes, Beyond Blue had several near misses, and Rangers were denied a fantastic goal by an even better save from Beyond Blue keeper, Matthew Barr.

"Beyond blue didn't hold back after that coming back with the equaliser," Tori Worboys recalls.

"Rangers kept up the attack with near misses and some definite air swings. The result was a fair ending with both teams stepping up the quality of football."

The final whistle ended a hard fought battle, calling for a third game to determine which B grade Barnstoneworth team will reign supreme.

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